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4DFrame is Now Available On Sale!

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The lexical meaning of 4D Frame is derived from two words: 4th dimension frame. The concept of 4D Frame is to allow man to express his inner thoughts to the outside world. Utilizing the principles of mathematics and science and using the innovative 4D Frame kit, every shape imaginable can be created. Regardless of age, everyone has a need to create something. 4D Frame provides the tools to people to help them realize those thoughts into physical object.

Objects that we see, touch and use everyday are actually made from combinations of basic shapes to form complex structures. The shapes work together in cooperation to not only support one another but to come together to make complex shapes. At 4D Frame, we feel that this culmination of individual simple shapes into an intricate object can be an analogy to our society. We are individuals and yet are part of the whole society. Together we make something, greater, something more powerful. Our hope is that through the exercise of making the shapes, together we can also teach the preciousness of individuality and the value of solidarity.

4D Frame is an instructional assembly kit that allows people to express their creatively through building complex geometric shapes. The number of possible structures with 4D Frame is Limitless.

— Ho-Gul Park —

Go get your own 4DFrame at Museum Pendidikan Nasional UPI Souvenir Shop or purchase it online through

WA 085315026485 (Anti)

Instagram: @stemcenterupi

For more product info please download our catalog on the given link below: